1.She Was Naked
2. Missing Link
3. A Girl Named You
4. Gonna Take Easy
5. No Tree Will Grow
6. The Groupies of the Band
7. Radio
8. Spiral Staircase
9. Fancy Nancy
10. Wow - Live Version

* All single versions and all tracks released before
except Wow
* This is the album version, on the combination cd-version tracks 3 - 5 - 7 were deleted
(due to time limitations)


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Ron van Eck: (fuzz)bass, guitar
Sacha van Geest: flutes, vocals
Robert Jan Stips: keyboards, vibes, lead vocals
Marco Vrolijk: drums, percussion, vocals

Hans van Oosterhout: producer
All tracks: 1970-1971-1972

Music/Words by
1. RJ Stips
2. Supersister
3. RJ Stips
4. Supersister / Hans van Oosterhout
5. RJ Stips
6. Supersister
7. RJ Stips/R. van Eck (lyrics) / arr. Supersister
8. RJ Stips
9. RJ Stips
10. Supersister

WOW was recorded live at the Circusgebouw, Scheveningen during The Holland Festival, July 1st, 1972; recorded by E. Bakker with the GTB-portable 8 track
Cover by ?