Present from Nancy
1.  Introductions  2:55
2.  Present From Nancy  5:10
Memories Are New (Boomchick)
3.  Memories Are New  3:46
4.  11/8  3:15
5.  Dreaming Wheelwhile  2:50
6.  Corporation Combo Boys  1:21
7.  Mexico  4:20
8.  Metamorphosis  3:26
9.  Eight Miles High  0:20
10.  Dona Nobis Pacem  8:34

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Ron van Eck: (fuzz)bass, guitar
Sacha van Geest: flutes, vocals
Robert Jan Stips: keyboards, vibes, lead vocals
Marco Vrolijk: drums, percussion, vocals
Gerhard Smit: guitar on Combo Boys

with thanks to Rob Douw

Hans van Oosterhout: producer
Recorded: july-august 1970
Words by Ron van Eck, except Combo Boys by RJ Stips
Music by RJ Stips & arranged by the Supersisters; except Dona Nobis Pacem which was written by Hans van Oosterhout & Supersister
Cover by Supersister, pictures by Nico Venneker