1. Introduction 0:41
2. Dareios the Emperor 4:50
3. Alexander 7:02
4. Confrontation of the Armies 2:47
5. The Battle 7:58
6. Bagoas 2:53
7. Roxane 3:21
8. Babylon 7:57
9. Looking Back (the moral of Herodotus) 4:30

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Ron van Eck: bass
Robert Jan Stips: keyboards, percussion
Charlie Mariano: saxes, flute, bass clarinet, nathasuaram
Herman van Boeyen: drums

Pierre Moerlen: marimba on Bagoas and some other percussion
Sacha van Geest: flute on Looking Back

Giorgio Gomelski: producer
recorded october 1973 at Manor Studios

Music by RJ Stips / Ron van Eck, except
Roxane: RJ Stips
Looking Back: Ron van Eck
All Lyrics: Ron van Eck
Cover by William Reppel/Ron van Eck

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friendly regards: Ron - Herman - Charlie - Robert Jan
From september 18-24th Supersister will be recording their new album
in Manor Studios, England with producer Giorgio Gomelski